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With a music project and persona focusing on transformation after healing deep wounds, Olivia Thai engages with live audience members in a meaningful, yet comedic and relatable way. She pays close attention to the energy of the space to ensure that she delivers a truly unforgettable show. Her music is the perfect balance of truth, creativity, sophistication, and a hint of spice.


She is able to captivate her audience by being a multi-instrumentalist with the ability to beat box, play the violin, guitar, and piano while singing - all at the same time. She records each instrument on stage with a looping machine. After creating her composition live, she adds her dynamic and soulful vocals to complete each song.


In addition to writing over 200 songs, Olivia was on the last season of American Idol on FOX, won Taiwan Idol, and won Megastar, Usher's worldwide talent competition in 2018. She has over 21 million views on YouTube with over two million fans worldwide. Olivia was also a writer and comedic actress for a comedy channel with over  2,000,000 subscribers.





Olivia Thai, 33, lives in six different cities, and travels regularly as a musician and serial entrepreneur. She started her first business at the age of 12 selling purses and clothing items on eBay and Yahoo Auctions. When she was 15, she began her music career as an independent artist, which led her to sing the national anthem for the LA Clippers and Sparks, earn the championship of Taiwan Idol in 2009, 21 million YouTube views on her artist channel, over 2 million fans across multiple platforms, and she was on American Idol in 2016. Olivia opened a music academy when she was 22 years old, and sold it when she was 28. She earned two degrees in linguistics and journalism from the University of California Berkeley. Currently, she is one of the U.S. Founders 2.0 of dōTERRA, the largest essential oil company in the world.



* 21,000,000+ views on YouTube 
* 2,000,000+ fans
* Featured on last season of American Idol on FOX

* Winner of Megastar 2018
* Winner of Taiwan Idol
* National Anthem Soloist at the Staples Center for the Los Angeles Clippers 
* Formally studied piano, violin, and voice 
* Informally guitar, clarinet, viola, cello, bass, and beat-boxing 
* Speaks 13 languages

* Owns & manages vacation rentals in Los Angeles, Honolulu, and Makaha (Hawai'i)

* U.S. Founder 2.0 of dōTERRA







YOUTUBE | 95K+ Subscribers ​


INSTAGRAM | 80K+ Followers


FACEBOOK | 31K+ Fans


TWITTER | 21K+ Followers


PERISCOPE | 46K+ Followers


LIVE.ME & MORE | 150K+ Fans





Olivia Thai with Full Band Opening for Boyz II Men

















Olivia Thai Live (Solo)

















Olivia Thai - I Can Do Better (Live Looping)





















"Great show! You are exceptionally talented in so many different ways. Your drive to challenge yourself musically and personally shines through when you are on stage. Your storytelling and original music is very beautiful, real and honest in the best way. It challenged me to think about my life, because it came from such an honest place. Thank you for sharing your music and talents with the world, you are doing great things! So proud to be a part of that energy last night!”

David from Derive Botanicals


”One of my biggest joys in life is to watch people shine doing what they love. Tonight, I watched [Olivia Thai] shine on stage doing what she was put on earth to do - filled my soul with real talk, real feelings, real connection, real hugs, real love, and belly laughs.”

Pamella Tanimura, the Traveling Oil Mom


"Goosebumps! Even thinking about the show right now is giving me goosebumps. Olivia has a pure and natural talent of singing, songwriting, instrument playing, the list goes on. You can’t find a singer like that too often. Her conversations with the crowd makes you feel involved in her show - the way she makes you laugh and talks about her songs makes her relatable to everyone in the room. She had me crying, laughing, and singing along. A heck of a show and I will be going back to another show!"

Dana Arnold Photography


“First LIVE show that we seen Olivia perform & won’t be our last! Olivia has so much pure talent - add it with her quirky humor, it makes her even more real. It was so amazing to see her perform original songs of her own with messages to build everyone up. I can't wait to see how much more she accomplishes in this next year! If you haven't seen a show yet, get in the know! We love you Olivia!!!”

Lindsey & Keoni


“Where is the emoji for FANTASTIC? My first show [watching] Olivia and OMG, I felt honored to be in the presence of your talent, style and story. You are a gift[...] keep on composing... Your message is strong, you care and I see you bigger than any of those names you said you wanted to have pick up your music. YOU ARE ALREADY ON YOUR WAY! Took my breath away!”

June Dillinger from I Do Hawaiian Weddings


"It was our first show of Olivia and I was a few minutes late coming from work. I walked into the room.....instant goosebumps!!! Absolutely fan-freakin-tastic!!! Everything from her voice, her humor, to the instruments - I especially loved the violin - it was just awesome!!! It was truly an awesome show by an awesome person. I loved every minute of it cant wait for the next one."

Laney Moneiro


"Was my first show of Olivia's, & I will be back, bringing some new faces for sure if she does more shows at Hawaiian Brians! Olivia is fantastic. She has an incredible voice, gives a unique show, and is amazing at playing her instruments. You can feel the emotional electricity in the room because of her lyrics, vocals, and how she interacts with the crowd. Absolutely love her to pieces. Had goosebumps the entire time."

Gabby Browning [Photographer]


“All I can say is ‘wow’! Olivia was incredibly funny, entertaining, inspiring, motivational, gorgeous and talented! She gave me goosebumps for a straight 90 minutes. Her original songs were amazing and touched my heart. Between playing guitar, piano, violin, singing and beatboxing, she was extremely elegant and engaging. I was blown away. So. Much. Talent. <3”

Adeline Farrer from Alida The Label






"Olivia Thai opened for Boyz II Men with a solid half-hour set, showing off a pleasing jazz-pop vocal style that the on-time arrivers seemed to enjoy, chanting “hana hou” to stretch her planned six songs to seven. That turned out to be a very good thing, as Thai let her vocals soar on the ballad “#WhyIStayed”... Her music connected with the audience — itself no meager feat for an opening act."

SJARIF GOLDSTEIN ~ Honolulu Star Advertiser


"Wow! I can tell you right now - you destroyed Justin Beiber's  'Despacito'"

HAWAIIAN RYAN ~ The Sam & Ryan Show on 93.9 FM The Beat Honolulu


"You must watch this one-woman symphony."

PERISCOPE Feature Editor


"I've worked with everybody - Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Mya, Beyonce, all of the female artists from the 2000s. Olivia Thai is seasoned. That's what I love about real artists. You can tell that P!nk, Beyonce, and Olivia work really hard on their craft."

DAMON ELLIOTT ~ Grammy Award Winning Producer


"Thai is a southern California triple threat – songwriter, musician and entrepreneur - who came out on top in the online submissions..."



"... Thai never anticipated the ensuing buzz around her YouTube performances, which include covers of Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin, Timbaland and OneRepublic. Thai, who also writes her own songs, rose rapidly in the YouTube limelight to become the No. 6 most-viewed musician this month."



"What started with a webcam and a dream turned into a music career for Olivia Thai. The 25-year-old singer began posting in 2007 videos of herself singing contemporary hits, and her YouTube channel has grown to more than 94,000 subscribers and 21 million views. Thai was also featured or worked on more than 300 videos by popular YouTube production company Just Kidding Films, performed on ABC’s Rising Star in June 2016, and founded her own private music school located on Valley Boulevard in San Gabriel."

MARY TAN ~ Alhambra Source 


"蔡振生最小的女兒蔡麗雅已經在聖蓋博擁有一家音樂學校,有400多個學生在音樂教師學習鋼琴、小提琴、吉他、聲樂等,音樂教室至接受一對一教學,高水準的教學質量在社區贏得好口碑,更被評為「洛杉磯第一的音樂教室」。 蔡麗雅表示,他和父親感情很好,因為自己是家中最小的女兒,父親從小就滿足她各種願望,例如她從小就喜歡唱歌,父親就培養他學習聲樂,如果她入學加大洛杉磯分校,當她決定休學專門從事唱歌事業的時候,也同樣得到父親的支持,讓他很感動。 回看蔡雅麗的參賽經驗,非常讓人印象深刻, 她2009年獲得東森新人王唱歌比賽冠軍,在洛杉磯加大學生會舉辦的比賽也是冠軍,她回憶,第一次參加的歌唱比賽是中國中央電視台(CCTV)舉辦的「你是最棒的」歌唱比賽,初試身手就已經贏得所有評委的肯定,得到第一名"







Manager | Chris Martinez



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